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From refugium lights, live food, frozen food, dry food, to awesome accessories AlgaeBarn has it on their website. It is important to make sure you have everything you need to keep your beautiful saltwater aquarium running. AlgaeBarn has a variety of well-needed supplies that you can conveniently buy from your phone or computer and shipped to your door. If you buy a captive-bred fish and realize you need some fish food or maybe a drip acclimator, you can add both of those things to your cart and have them come with your fish. Maybe you buy an Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack and you decide you want a new light to grow your macroalgae; AlgaeBarn sells a selection of different refugium lights. You can choose from an Innovative Marine, Kessil, or Aqua Illumination refugium lights, depending on which is best for your situation. Different types of MarinePure biomedia, such as MarinePure spheres and cubes, are available on the AlgaeBarn online store as well. This biomedia has an extremely high surface area for bacteria to grow on because of how porous it is. The surface area of one MarinePure sphere is equivalent to the surface area of 1,350 plastic bio-balls. Don’t forget about all the bottled bacteria that you can use to cycle your tank or even give it a boost longe after it is cycled. AlgaeBarn is even selling custom sumps that are exclusive to AlgaeBarn customers! These sumps come with every sump feature you could need, including a large refugium section, of course. You can also buy things such as glass and acrylic cleaner, salt, algae feeders, and more.  Explore the different aquarium supplies AlgaeBarn has to offer and you will find something that can benefit you and your reef aquarium, whether it is healthy fish food or a refugium light.

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