Coralline Algae

Live Coralline Algae in a Bottle

Aquacultured by ARCReef

Coralline Algae in a Bottle excelerates growth of colorful coralline algal crusts over your live rock. Choose between pinks with Pink Fusion®, purples with Purple Helix®, or get 2 bottles, one of each, with Pink and Purple! Unlike coralline “accelerators,” Coralline Algae in a Bottle is a live, multi-species product.

Due to weather delays and our desire to only ship the highest quality product, this item is back-ordered and will not ship until March 2nd. Any orders placed with these items in the same cart will be delayed until March 2nd as well.

+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 44 PodPoints.