Captive Bred Fish

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For years the fish portion of the saltwater aquarium industry has survived off fish that are caught and taken from the ocean in unideal ways. Many fish are caught using cyanide to stun the fish, which hurts the corals around the fish too. If the cyanide does not kill the fish, it will end up at an aquarium store. If the stress of being put into an aquarium for the first time does not kill it, the fish might make into a hobbyist’s aquarium. In its new home, it will either die of stress or face the unpleasant adjustment to aquarium life. Meanwhile in the ocean, a square yard of coral has been destroyed from the collection of that one fish. While selling wild-caught fish is effective and cheap, there is a method that is better for the fish, the ocean, and the hobbyist. Companies such as Algae Barn partner with the highest quality breeders to provide captive-bred saltwater fish for the hobbyists. Algae Barn sells an ever-growing variety of captive-bred fish that are not only diseases free, but vibrant as well. Captive-bred fish are more likely to be free of diseases because they do not come from the ocean and have almost no contact with water, sand, or other fish inhabited by disease. Unlike wild-caught fish that have to make the harsh transition from ocean life, these fish will thrive better and live longer in your saltwater tank because they are already adapted to aquarium life. Finicky captive-bred fish will be easier to train to eat frozen food, that is if they are not already eating frozen food, and therefore increasing your chances of keeping a successful fish. Buying wild-caught fish can cause you to spend more money because they are more likely to die, which means you will have to replace it and spend more money. Captive-bred fish will live longer and healthier, saving you money. You will also find that captive-bred are just as beautiful and colorful as wild-caught fish too. Buying captive-bred fish will benefit the saltwater aquarium industry, the ocean, and of course, you. Now all you have to do is decide which one you want!

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