Blue Mandarin

BIOTA Green Mandarin

Synchiropus splendidus

Captive Bred Biota Green Dragonet

Our Biota Captive Bred Mandarins offer a hardy and sustainable alternative to wild-caught specimens with easier care requirements. Once trained on a diet of Live and Frozen foods, your Mandarin can graze naturally on Pods during the day and fatten up on frozen foods at feeding time. See below for detailed diet information.

Quick Stats

  • Size at Time of Shipping:  .75″ to 1″ length
  • Current Diet: Live Copepods
  • Can be Trained to Eat Pellet and Frozen Food: Yes
  • Fish AoA and 7 Day Guaranteed: Yes

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+15 PodPoints (${points_value} value)

Earn up to 99 PodPoints.