Premium Live Foods

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With live foods becoming more popular in the saltwater reef aquarium hobby, it is important to have a reliable source. Look no further, AlgaeBarn sells the most premium live foods. Not only are they premium, but there is a large variety of them as well. There are three different types of copepods as well as combinations such as Poseidon’s Feast and 5280 Pods. The Nano Brine is another great option for premium live food. Why is this important? Well, it significantly boosts the health of your marine fish, making them more colorful and less susceptible to disease. The live food sold at AlgaeBarn has a high nutritional value, making it an excellent choice to feed your fish. Live foods replicate what your fish would be eating in the wild. As saltwater aquarium hobbyists, we have the goal of making our aquarium as similar to the wild ocean as possible. So why not do the same with the food you feed your fish? One possible benefit of buying frozen food for your fish is that you don’t have to worry about the food dying and losing its value, except you don’t have to worry about then when buying from AlgaeBarn either. All live food has a 100% Alive On Arrival Guarantee. This makes buying dependable. If you find that the copepods or brine shrimp appear to be dead, you can make a DOA claim and receive a replacement. You can trust that AlgaeBarn has you covered in this unlikely event. Along with independent jars of live food, you can also purchase packs or kits that come with a few different kinds of food.  The Mandarin Feeder Kit, for example, comes with Nano Brine, 5280 Pods, and Can O’ Cyclops. Scroll down to see all of the great options you have to feed your fish.

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